Séjour Ski dans Le QueyrasLe Queyras



Alpine ski area in the Molines / Saint Véran 

A charming ski resort, experience skiing in the Queyras ski area in all it’s authenticity. From Saint-Véran you can access 35 km of slopes and many breathtaking panoramas. Seasoned skiers will find what they are looking for on the two steep black slopes, pristine areas with several slopes to explore. The area is suitable for learning with the family, and thus offers great opportunities for progression all week.

  • Ski lifts
    13Ski lifts
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    4-star hotel in Saint Véran (2040m above sea level), ski in ski out in the heart of the Queyras National Park Welcome to Queyras, an area recognized for its rich heritage and its preserved environment. Open winter and summer, this hotel ...